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Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)

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Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)
Durga Nagar Jammu

1-Public lecture on Positive Health
2- Hepatitis-B vaccination

Community Briefing

In its drive towards Positive Health Initiatives, Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center took yet another historic step by organizing a public lecture on health in a non-camp colony of mixed ethnic groups residents – Kashmiri ‘migrants’ and .Jammuites.

The venue was the lawns of the temple complex of Adarsh Colony, Jammu, the speaker Dr. K L Chowdhury, the topic “How to Stay Healthy”.
There was a large gathering, nearly 300 people – Kashmiri ‘migrants’ and Jammu citizens.
A question- answer session followed the lecture which was addresses by the speaker and by Dr. Sanjay.
Shri Roopji Pandita, the manager of SBMH & RC detailed out the programmes and projects of the Center and exhorted the audience to make the best use of the services provided.

The lecture session was followed by Hepatitis-B vaccination of 150 residents of Adarsh Nagar colony. This is another step in fulfilling our resolve to vaccinate all the camp and non-camp ‘migrants’ against infectious and communicable diseases.

A Chinar sapling brought from Kashmir was planted by Dr K L Chowdhury in the temple yard as a symbol of our cultural and spiritual roots to Kashmir that we resolved to preserve at all costs…