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Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)

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Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)
Durga Nagar Jammu

1-Public lecture on Positive Health
2- Hepatitis-B vaccination

Community Briefing

In its drive towards Positive Health Initiatives, Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center took yet another historic step by organizing a public lecture on health in a non-camp colony of mixed ethnic groups residents – Kashmiri ‘migrants’ and .Jammuites.

The venue was the lawns of the temple complex of Adarsh Colony, Jammu, the speaker Dr. K L Chowdhury, the topic “How to Stay Healthy”.
There was a large gathering, nearly 300 people – Kashmiri ‘migrants’ and Jammu citizens.
A question- answer session followed the lecture which was addresses by the speaker and by Dr. Sanjay.
Shri Roopji Pandita, the manager of SBMH & RC detailed out the programmes and projects of the Center and exhorted the audience to make the best use of the services provided.

The lecture session was followed by Hepatitis-B vaccination of 150 residents of Adarsh Nagar colony. This is another step in fulfilling our resolve to vaccinate all the camp and non-camp ‘migrants’ against infectious and communicable diseases.

A Chinar sapling brought from Kashmir was planted by Dr K L Chowdhury in the temple yard as a symbol of our cultural and spiritual roots to Kashmir that we resolved to preserve at all costs…

Dr K L Chowdhury receives Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award

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National Integration and Economic Council (NICE) gave away the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Shromani Awards in a glittering function held in India International Center, New Delhi on 24th August. Since Dr, K L Chowdhury is away on a private visit to USA the award was received, on his behalf, by Shri Virji Bhat, Secretary Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center.

The Award which includes a trophy, a memento and certificate was presented by Minister of State for Planning Government of India, M V Rajasekharan.

The award is in recognition of Dr. Chowdhury’s contribution in diverse fields as a doctor, medical teacher and researcher, author, social activist, and human rights crusader but mainly for the pioneering work, by him and his team of dedicated social activists of the Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center, in addressing the problems of Health Trauma of Kashmiris displaced from the valley of Kashmir in the wake of terrorism.

What started, 17 years back, as a polyclinic in Jammu for the displaced Pandits, evolved into a charitable medical institution, first of its kind, which runs many health projects and medical camps for the poor patients irrespective of caste, creed, region or religion? The center now draws patients even from the valley and other far flung areas of Jammu and Kashmir. It provides free consultation, besides conducting limited investigations and providing free medicines to all the patients. Till date the hospital has examined more than 38 thousand patients, conducted 52 medical camps, undertaken 6 health surveys, and performed vaccination against Hepatitis B in three refugee camps of Kashmiris in Jammu. A Child Nutrition Programme for 200 children of Bhattal Bhaalian refugee camp, Udhampur, has been started this year. The findings of research, on the whole gamut of health trauma that have impacted the displaced population, has been presented in national and international conferences and published in various journals. Besides, Dr Chowdhury has three published books of poetry and numerous articles on medical, cultural, political and social themes to his credit.

When contacted on the phone, Dr. Chowdhury thanked NICE for the award and said it was an award for the self belief of the displaced Kashmiris, for the hard work and selfless dedication of his team in their endeavor to fight discrimination, disease and injustice, and for so many well wishers whose moral support and encouragement keeps him going.

Multipurpose Medical Camp for Kashmiri Refugees in Purkhoo, Jammu

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(Medical Camp 42)
Shriya Bhat Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH)

Dr. K L Chowdhury
Aims and Objective
In pursuance of its aims and objectives – to pursue research programs and to render medical aid to the suffering community – Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH) organized a Multipurpose Medical Camp at Purkhoo (A refugee camp in the outskirts of Jammu, housing Kashmiri Pandits). The highlights of the camp were:

1) To give a shot of Hepatitis B vaccine to 120 unvaccinated subjects enrolled for this purpose.

2) To conduct a random blood sugar analysis of all the subjects receiving vaccination in order to detect the incidence of diabetes

3) To record random BP of all the subjects

4) To estimate Hemoglobin (HB) of all the subjects as a parameter of their nutritional status.

5) All the patients with anemia to receive two month supply of haematinic drugs

6) All patents with random blood sugar above 180 mg to get fasting blood sugar estimation next morning to find their glycemic status.

7) All new

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Motto: Joy in Service

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Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)

Mission statement

- to provide a multi-service medical facility to the terrorism-driven people from the Kashmir valley, now living a life of refugees in Jammu and its suburbs for the last 15 years,

- to provide state-of-art medical techniques – diagnostic and therapeutic – in a comfortable and caring environment attuned to the special needs of these patients,

- to render compassionate care with the help of dedicated professionals and personnel who pack their work with tenderness, skill and expertise so that the care we provide to the patients is the same level of care we, ourselves, would expect to receive,

- to create awareness, in the medical fraternity worldwide, of the multifold, acute and chronic, physical and mental health syndromes that manifest in a population of refugees and internally displaced people, and

- by providing this facility, to make the community worldwide feel that the displaced Kashmiris can take the challenge of the rehabilitation of their members who were brutally ousted from the land of their ancestors and pushed to the edge of survival while living as refugees in their own land.

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The staff of the Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital in Jammu/Kashmir

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Le Docteur Kundan Lal Chowdhury

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The staff of the Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital in Jammu/Kashmir

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Patients of the Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital in Jammu/Kashmir