Motto: Joy in Service

Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH & RC)

Mission statement

- to provide a multi-service medical facility to the terrorism-driven people from the Kashmir valley, now living a life of refugees in Jammu and its suburbs for the last 15 years,

- to provide state-of-art medical techniques – diagnostic and therapeutic – in a comfortable and caring environment attuned to the special needs of these patients,

- to render compassionate care with the help of dedicated professionals and personnel who pack their work with tenderness, skill and expertise so that the care we provide to the patients is the same level of care we, ourselves, would expect to receive,

- to create awareness, in the medical fraternity worldwide, of the multifold, acute and chronic, physical and mental health syndromes that manifest in a population of refugees and internally displaced people, and

- by providing this facility, to make the community worldwide feel that the displaced Kashmiris can take the challenge of the rehabilitation of their members who were brutally ousted from the land of their ancestors and pushed to the edge of survival while living as refugees in their own land.

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