Hepatitis-B vaccination campaign on Martyr’s Day

Message from Dr. K L Chowdhury – In organising this third Hepatitis-B vaccination camp we are taking yet another small step towards the amelioration of suffering and pain of the most indigent and needy members of the IDP from Kashmir, now living as refugees in their own country.

There could not have been a better occasion than the martyr’s day for this noble task. When our martyr’s laid their precious lives for the cause of the secular and democratic ideals of India, they blazed a trail for us to follow their footsteps and come out of our shells to lend a helping hand when it is needed most. This is the time to give back to those who have reposed their trust on us.

Let us rise and repay that trust in full measure.

I send my best wishes to the dedicated team of the mission who are giving of your precious time and energy, as well as to those who are the recipients of this preventive health measure.

Our motto will always be ‘ Joy in Service’ .

We will announce more schemes for the patients in the near future and there will be a camp every time we have to commemorate events that have a bearing on the future of the displaced population of Kashmiris in general and the Pandits in particular, and of Jammu and Kashmir.

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