Multipurpose Medical Camp for Kashmiri Refugees in Purkhoo, Jammu

(Medical Camp 42)
Shriya Bhat Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH)

Dr. K L Chowdhury
Aims and Objective
In pursuance of its aims and objectives – to pursue research programs and to render medical aid to the suffering community – Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center (SBMH) organized a Multipurpose Medical Camp at Purkhoo (A refugee camp in the outskirts of Jammu, housing Kashmiri Pandits). The highlights of the camp were:

1) To give a shot of Hepatitis B vaccine to 120 unvaccinated subjects enrolled for this purpose.

2) To conduct a random blood sugar analysis of all the subjects receiving vaccination in order to detect the incidence of diabetes

3) To record random BP of all the subjects

4) To estimate Hemoglobin (HB) of all the subjects as a parameter of their nutritional status.

5) All the patients with anemia to receive two month supply of haematinic drugs

6) All patents with random blood sugar above 180 mg to get fasting blood sugar estimation next morning to find their glycemic status.

7) All new

please be patient, rest will follow again.

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